Desktop Softwares

We have a wide range of softwares developed for different industries and is always custom ready to suit your needs.

Desktop Softwares

Desktop applications or softwares help in making the process more stable and doesnt need to have an internet application. These softwares are machine dependent and all data with the software reside in one place. 

Currently we have developed sofwares for multiple industrial segments and have automated many sections to ease their billing, production, marketing, and other administrative needs. 

The following are some of the softwares developed

This application is for the newspaper agency and helps them in billing their customers and managing their payments and subscriptions. Every month the billing can be raised and payment collections can be entered in to this application and get a detailed report for the same.

Screenshots are as follows

This application is meant for the rice traders. Be it small, medium or big traders, they can have their purchases, sales and inventory all done in one place. 

We have a wide range of reports to help them effectively manage their business, like, stock value, sales pattern, customer wise report, product wise report, rice type wise report and so on. 

The following are some of the screenshot of the softwares. 

A simple and robust application to manage the day to day activities of the gas agency. Activities like, daily purchase, daily sales, collection entry, reports, employee wise reports all can be taken up. 

The screenshots from the application are as follows:

This software helps to manage a motor vehicle dealer showroom to sell, manage inventory, bill for purchases and view all sales and credit reports from their login section. 

Screenshots are as follows:

This software is ideal for the footwear traders small and big time people. They can add all their products along with the barcode and there by monitor their total sales, balance stock, volume of collection done over a period and also check the difference of the profit and performance as well. 


The screenshot of this application as follows : 

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